100% Natural Lime Body Butter For Hair & Skin 8oz.

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100% Natural Luscious & Creamy Lime Body Butter - For Hair & Skin (8oz.) 

  • Stimulating Circulation
  • Reducing Skin Inflammation
  • Lightning Unwanted Dark Spots.

Our 100% Natural Lime Butter is energizing citrus scent, with heartening and invigorating properties that are beneficial for relieving stress and anxiety. Our 100% Natural Lime Body Butter For Hair & Skin when Applied topically, is known to stimulate circulation, reduce skin inflammation, lighten unwanted dark spots, and to promote antioxidant activity. Our 100% Natural Lime Butter astringent properties are reputed to soothe and help prevent acne. Our 100% Natural Lime Butter as a natural hydrating agent, it emollience balances skin’s moisture content and help restores its ability to protect the body from toxins and bacteria.

Common Uses of Butters:

• Body massage
• Hair mask
• Creams
• Lotions
• Soaps
• Pomades
• After-Sun Creams and Lotions
• Sun Protection Products
• Hair Conditioners

Ingredients: Lime Butter, Lime oil, Hydrogenated soy oil, medium chain triglyceride and